I have not posted much here on my website. I have concentrated more on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and WordPress.

It has overwhelmed me in the past month, perhaps a little longer, with the number of emails in my Gmail, Yahoo IM, Twitter DM and many others. You see, I am virtually over extended.

I have as of today 26,078 Gmail emails un-read! So if I have not replied to your email I must apologize. In fact, I may have to just delete them all just to keep some sense of sanity. And for that I would be truly sorry. Therefore, if you have my phone number please SMS (text) me.

There are 281 un-read DM in Twitter. Yet I am having extreme issues with Twitter. After sending 23 request to support, a nice person finally responded that I needed to “UN-LOCK” my account. My concern was not at that time DM but not being able to respond to follower request. I had locked my Twitter some time back because of all those DAMN “Buy Twitter Followers” , BOTs and Nude, nude profile users and people who are only interested in getting you to follow them assholes. in addition to, someone who means the world to me, did not quite understand how Twitter works. And these Nude Boobs people who followed me were causing some middle of the night text that made waking up each day painful. so I unlocked Twitter. The issue that still remains is I have notification about all these direct Messages, however, I can not see any. Not happy about that. So if you have DM me on Twitter, I again apologize that I have not replied to your message.

I would like to connect with you. A few people in particular I would like to have a conversation with that is not public. Someone definitely I would love to have a conversation with, privately :-) — Hope we can find the time to talk.

Some of you may know MY LOVE for flowers. Therefore I hope to become more active in Instagram and post the 7,000 + photos I have of them. I am very much into photography.

In closing, please text me! You know I miss you. If only we could talk on the phone, that would be a blessing indeed.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Computer, Cut, and Paste

A couple months ago I lost all of my passwords. We all have many different accounts, passwords protect (really?) unauthorized
access to these for us. Nevertheless, passwords sometimes lock even us out, when we can not remember it. So like most, I kept
mine securely (LOL) stored on a computer. Granted it may seem rather idiotic to keep passwords stored on a PC. With virus’s and
hackers everyday attempting to steal everything we have, I did place some protective process in place.
In this unfortunate event that preceded, my protection was to delete the file if in fact someone made and attempt to steal or
compromise the file. What this person did was add;

ANOTHEr pOSSable PW – Iwant4more@Life

to my file.
How strange! Upper and lower case letters in the directive leading toward what a password could be. That is all I was left
with… A complete loss of access to the important and perhaps unimportant email and sites I use.
To make matters worse the program that protected that computer found and blocked some cockroaches iPhone that had or was
attempting to access my PC. I am intelligent in the field of security and information systems. I have been in the computer
science geek mantra since before Al Gore invented the internet (didn’t he know everyone knew he did not?).

What The Hell

For years it was thought… Do Not write down passwords, on paper, else someone may find them and compromise your accounts. Yet,
had I written them I would not have lost access. Yes, paper is reliable unless there is a fire or you placed it in direct
sunlight for so long the ink faded. Or better if only I had used a chisel and engraved it in stone. Now that would have lasted
until some archeological dig unearthed it a thousand years from now. And if I had suspected the NSA was coming I could use
scissors and cut that sheet of paper up right?

I have gained access to this blog. However, I had to go through some grilling questions over the phone to have my password
reset, might I add, to be sent to an email account I did not have a password to get into to retrieve the link to reset my
password. so… I had to go through addition endeavors to have it too reset. Sigh. A rather long and loud sigh may I add.

This post will be posted to places that I still do not have access to. And maybe, just maybe, one of my readers may click the
link to read why I have been AWOL for so long. Oh my! I hope that just un-follow thing was adding, un-following, blocking and
maintaining that Twitter thing. After the whirlwind of being un-followed, unfriended, blocked and hurt, deeply, by all that
childish nonsense associated with FB and others, I deleted many of these hurtful social media sites. (how much is a person
suppose to take?) I had to lock my account sometime back to prevent these sellers of followers and rouge link promoters away.
And these barely clothed photo people that caused me tremendous heartache, waking so many days to text about followers, when it
was not understood how Twitter worked… locking it almost ended these middle of the night messages.

I am going back to paper. Paper makes me happy. I have utilized my away from the virtual time to dedicate writing my novel.

Three-thousand or more words a day dedication. Edit and erasing, using a real pencil and eraser has given my hands a long over-
due work-out. My penmanship has improved. Writing gives me pleasure. I have penned successfully, after revisions and edits 32,
168 words in my book. I am thinking now it may have to be two or more books, since my story has not even come full circle yet.
My mind, heart, and emotions have been on a perpetual roller-coaster for a long time. But actually, there is some good from
being hurt over and again. It gives me more to write, deeper thoughts, on how someone can take a love so deep and meaningful as
an option.

Looking Into The Mirror… As The Story Unfolds… was (and still is) so very meaningful for me. I wrote this many times. It’s
foundation is about a never ending story of true love, immeasurably deep friendship, and the lasting beauty of two, whose love is
so deep, meaningful, and true. I miss my best friend. Holding the key to my heart, key to the abode, I can only hope to see the
face of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen soon.
Tiny steps in the right direction… …together.

Coming Soon – 2014; A Year In Review


At the end of 2013 I had developed a plan for the coming year, this year, 2014. Looking back we can see that post from 2013; A year In Review.

Therefore coming soon I shall once again post about this year. It has been such a pivotal, monumental and enlightening experience. I have given such deep thoughts into what transpired, what was gained, and what was lost. I am certain without any doubts I will write a book from the events of 2014.

From my mind to the keyboard… the world will read about “The Life and Times” of this year, 2014. The whole story will be filled with truths, real people and places. Convoluted events and loss. Self realizations and understanding. At once I can say I understand, Love, Peace, Happiness and Sharing in a relationship will only work when both work together.

We should always be thankful for the wonderful things we share together.

A Virtual Truth

The virtual world always tells the truth. It exposes a liar, and makes light to the words told or written. There is always someone, something, somewhere who revels truth. Make no mistake about it… as long as you continue to be in a virtual reality, you must always be honest. Say what you say, but also know when you lie, something will tell a story contrary, more truthful. Surly other people will tell their own version. However, when evidence tells a story, based in facts, pictures, post and walls expose the reality based in a real world of knowledge. Lock that wall down, try to protect or hide, make any attempt to keep secret… but some things can never be hidden… from the eyes of virtual seekers. Honesty is always the truth. Lies only conclude a liar is always a liar and until one stops… there is no hope for peace and happiness between us.

From My Mind To The Keyboard

A picture can paint a thousand words. My words can paint a thousand pictures.

If you could look into my mind one will see a sea of tranquility. It is not always chaos, even though there are an ocean of thought swimming around inside. Emotions are but a small part of the fish within my sea. Yes, there are predators lurking within. Sometimes I have to protect myself with the harpoon of truth. Yet in the vastness of my universe, and the many creatures that attempt to control my world, I am always able to be the Poseidon.
When we sort through the thoughts, and are able to draw our bow back, we will at once shoot the arrow of thinking into the target. But even the best of archers must practice. Always we try to choose the straightest of arrows, one whose fletching is attached by the best of glue. And a point that was sharpened by the most skillful of smiths. Sometimes I fail to hit my target. And even with the best of aim, the steadiest of hand and arms, the truest of eye, the wind may cause my arrow to fly into the forest.
Let not nature or the laws of convoluted thinking control what we can dream. Even when someone says you cannot do a certain thing, stand up and say contrary. As writers, we have the power to craft our thoughts into words. And words can speak volumes if only a single sentence. Become the blacksmith and create the tools to build your house of literature. Discover new fish in the sea of thoughts. We can never discover what we do not seek. From your mind to the keyboard, or by pen if you prefer, write.

Comments Enabled and Chat Room Installed

Life is a journey. A journey never meant to be traveled alone. Seize the day. Look out of every window. Live your dreams. Dwell on possibilities, but not to long. Forgive. A little less worry. A little less hurry. A little more kindness. Embrace the one that loves you today, because tommorow may never come. Memories complete the soul.

10/26/2014 – Fixed an issue where a Chat User could only chat when logged in. Fixed code to allow public access.

I have opened Comments ( Come On! You know you have something to say. ) on every page and post. Feel free to voice your onion opinion or flowery words. I welcome everything you have to say… except links. Spam will not be tolerated! And I have filtered thousands of words.

There is a new Plugin installed. Chat is enabled to allow myself and users to have a more personalized experience. It is private between us. I have learned that secrecy it a tool, and will use it fully, to have a private conversation with many.

Be the architect of destruction, if that is your wish. I shall remain the architect of hope, peace and happiness. True love remains in the heart of one, for all to see.

My Mirror Mate

People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life…
A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.
Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you…
A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, mistakes and successes, virtues and qualities, to transform you in a better person.

From The Life And Times Of Wade Lancaster

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