WordPress – Trash Your Comments

One of the mistakes I made in my previous blog applications was the allowing of comments. Certainly, if you want to gain some followers or engage with people, you must allow them some way to communicate with you. However, the problem I had before was the volume of links, buys and rouge comments people or machines left. With this new site, I wanted the power to have complete control over who or what could comment. WordPress has given me this power. And I will wield it with a very sharp sword indeed!
Recently I reviewed the 40 comments and decided whether to allow or trash them. As usual, almost all where TRASH. I am not or will I ever allow you to advertise your product on my site. So, if you even bother to read this. You can rest assured if your post/comment contains anything that will allow you to use me to host an advert… it will never happen. OK? I hope you got it.
I am not even vaguely interested in you pills, porn, weightless products or any other form of product you want to sell the world. I will protect myself and my followers from you. I will protect myself and followers from your worm, Trojan or virus. I will look at your comment, and if it proves interesting or could be of value to others, I may allow it to test if it remains so.
With that being said, use your comment usefully. Should you have a blog that is valid, shares interest that is commonly good or useful, then I would welcome your comment. Otherwise, just move on and forget you ever @Stumbled or @Twitter here.

And So It Begins. Or So It Seems.

For a very long time I tried to get my name in a “DOT COM” as Wade Lancaster. So today, like many others I thought to see if it was available. And here I am! What better place to host it then my old reliable GoDaddy. And what better app to run then WordPress.

So today will be the first day of the rest of my days, as seen in the virtual world online. After all the Internet has made the world like a small village. Come on over to my town, it is only as far away as your keyboard or that really smart mobile device you have. What the hell, you can even do it from the couch if you please. But leave me behind when you go the bathroom please.

Now I do have a life, how small it may be. And I do have a career how little it may seem. However, I do have many adventures, likes, dislike and opinions. Even though they are my own I will share this much with you. After all friendship is the strongest foundation two people can ever share. Perhaps we shall develop one. Nevertheless, you may not like what I have to say. You may not like my way of thinking. Still that will be alright because everyone has something to say.

I do have a Facebook http://facebook.com/lancaster.wade

And a Twitter http://twitter.com/lancsoft

You can find me at LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/wade-lancaster/22/688/8a9

I have this Gmail lancaster.wade@gmail.com

My YouTube page http://youtube.com/lancsoft

You can ICQ me 220718853

And I Stumble lancsoft

Certainly I am a gamer. http://runescape.windowscollective.net

And a Hostmaster and Builder of Custom Computer Systems. Domain Owner and Seller. And yes Ebay too. Surly I like music. http://windowscollective.coffeecup.com

And last, but not least, I travel. I travel a lot. Therefore expect to see places of my adventures too. So until I get time to post again Please Have A Day As Great As Yourself.